Where Integrity Meets Innovation in the World of Corporate Finance & Blockchain.

BlackStar Enterprise Group is a specialized financial solutions provider focusing on harnessing the potential of blockchain technology. We have designed a proprietary system, B.D.T.P.™, to address the inefficiencies in corporate governance, capital raising, and digital trading in the modern financial ecosystem. Unlike many in the blockchain realm, we distinctly separate ourselves from the cryptocurrency sphere, concentrating instead on creating immutable and transparent financial solutions that offer lasting, verifiable records of transactions.


The Challenge

In the modern financial landscape, businesses, particularly start-ups, grapple with a myriad of complexities:

    1. Complex and opaque capital raising mechanisms.
    2. Cumbersome corporate governance procedures.
    3. Traditional trading systems that often lack transparency and efficiency.

Moreover, with limited broker-dealers available to support the vast number of public and private companies seeking capital, there's a conspicuous gap in the market.

Introducing B.D.T.P.™:
Our Answer to the Challenge

B.D.T.P.™ (BlackStar's Digital Business Solution) is our innovative, proprietary technology designed to tackle these challenges head-on. Using blockchain, B.D.T.P.™ offers: 

Corporate Governance

  • Simplify compliance and boost efficiency.
  • Store crucial corporate governance forms swiftly, providing a speedier route to market for startups.
  • Ensure all compliance documentation is integrated, encrypted, and immutable, enhancing oversight and adhering to required disclosures.

Raising Capital

  • A transparent platform for both public and private entities to secure funding.
  • Investors can express interest in new opportunities with blockchain-backed, time-stamped actions.
  • Companies can autonomously underwrite, addressing the shortage of broker-dealers.
  • The added benefit of codified “smart contracts” guarantees the strict observance of state and federal security regulations.

Digital Trading

  • Designed to trade shares of registered securities electronically.
  • Real-time transaction access for regulatory bodies ensures transparency and trust.
  • With our "Blockchain First™" approach, trade order flow remains confidential until confirmation, allowing users to efficiently trade without compromise.
  • This platform prohibits short-selling and emphasizes cash and free trading shares, functioning as a dedicated spot market.
  • It's an investor's gateway to the digital securities market, mitigating potential market manipulations.

What Sets Us Apart

B.D.T.P.™ isn't just another blockchain application. It's a tri-fold system, each part distinct yet integral, all underpinned by our patent-pending technology. Unlike cryptocurrency, we're entrenched in creating lasting, verifiable records of utmost value. Our user-friendly interface is coupled with a robust API, granting direct access to all secure transactions.


Our Commitment

BlackStar is steadfast in its mission to usher in a new era of financial transparency, efficiency, and security. With B.D.T.P.™, we're not just addressing present challenges; we're crafting the future of finance.

Our Team

Joseph E. Kurczodyna – Chairman of the Board and CEO

A seasoned investment banker and a Wall Street Architect, Joseph E. Kurczodyna has developed a Blockchain Masterpiece for Trading Securities. With extensive trading experience across global exchanges and a career spanning over four decades, Joseph has been at the forefront of several financial innovations. He leads BlackStar with the guiding principle that "The Public is your Friend", reflecting his commitment to transparency and integrity in the financial world.

Robert LaPointe, Jr. – Board of Directors

A versatile professional, Robert brings a unique blend of expertise from aerospace engineering to scientific research. An Army veteran of the Vietnam War, he has enriched BlackStar with his vast experience from both large and small corporations.

Evan Wasoff, CPA – Board of Director Advisor

With over 25 years as a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and experience as an SEC Auditor, Evan's acumen in financial matters and deep understanding of U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission filings fortify BlackStar's commitment to financial diligence and transparency.

Bryan Hemphill - Media Relations

Mr. Hemphill has a diverse career spanning over two decades, marked by extensive expertise in Investor, Media, and Public Relations, and has advised private and public companies. Additionally, Mr. Hemphill has over 20 years of experience in Business Management, Marketing & Advertising, and Financial Markets. He specializes in the Wholesale and Retail trade industry and continues to be actively involved.