Trading on B.D.T.P.™

A Revolutionary Approach

B.D.T.P.™ stands as a testament to BlackStar's commitment to innovation, transparency, and integrity in financial trading. Our platform not only redefines the trading experience but also instills trust and efficiency in every transaction.


Introduction to B.D.T.P.™ Trading

Welcome to the future of stock and equity trading with BlackStar's Blockchain-Driven Technology Platform (B.D.T.P.™). Our platform revolutionizes trading by implementing 'Blockchain First™' technology, ensuring seamless management and  execution of trades on a centralized distributed ledger. This approach not only enhances trading efficiency but also upholds the integrity of order flows.


How B.D.T.P.™ Works

B.D.T.P.™ is designed to trade electronic fungible shares, known as Blackstar Electronic Fungible Shares (BEFS), and not tokens. These are shares of common and preferred registered securities held in book entry at US brokerage firms. Our platform ensures that:

  1. Regulatory Transparency: SEC and FINRA have real-time access to transactions, maintaining a high level of oversight and compliance.
  2. Custodial Security: Broker-Dealers (BD's) maintain all custodial and fiduciary duties. Upon request, they relay cash or shares to the B.E.T.™ trading screen, ensuring the security of your assets.
  3. Privacy in Trading: 'Blockchain First™' keeps order flow private until trade confirmation, allowing traders to operate without disrupting the market.
  4. No Short Selling: The platform operates solely on cash and free trading shares, functioning as a spot market for individual companies.
  5. Market Integrity: Aimed at reducing market manipulation, B.D.T.P.™ offers an unbiased digital securities market experience.

The Trading Process on B.D.T.P.™

Trading on B.D.T.P.™ involves a series of streamlined steps:

  1. Deposit of Shares: Customers deposit certificates of common shares at their Broker-Dealer.
  2. Transfer to DTCC: The Broker-Dealer sends shares to DTCC, where ownership is verified and an "IOU" of electronic fungible shares is returned.
  3. Unique Digital Assignment: DTCC assigns a unique digital character to each share.
  4. Double Encryption & Blockchain Transfer: Broker-Dealer encrypts and sends the data to B.D.T.P.™'s private blockchain.
  5. Personal Trading Access: Customers receive access to their trading screens on the blockchain, enabling order placement on the live trading ladder.
  6. Transaction Recording & Execution: B.D.T.P.™ records all transactions on its private blockchain. Executed trades are reported back to the Broker-Dealer and unencrypted to the customer's account.
  7. Clearing and Settlement: ATS or the Broker-Dealer participate with B.D.T.P.™ clears and settles trades, maintaining a transparent and consolidated transaction history.


  • Note 1: Detailing the role of Broker-Dealer and DTCC in verifying and processing share certificates.
  • Note 2: Clarifying the clearing responsibilities of the Broker-Dealer in relation to B.D.T.P.™ trades.