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New To The Street: BlackStar Enterprise Group, Inc.’s (OTCPINK: BEGI) ($BEGI) interview with Joesph Kurczodyna, CEO

Joseph Kurczodyna, CEO of BlackStar Enterprise Group, Inc. (OTCPINK: BEGI) ($BEGI) from the Nasdaq MarketSite Studio, sits with New to The Street’s TV Host Jane King. BEGI created a digital blockchain platform to revolutionize three financial sectors: digital trading, capital raises, and corporate governance. Joseph talks about pending patents, its recently issued 20-year US Patent, and its significance for the Company’s business. With the USSEC giving Bitcoin ETF approvals, the marketplace is opening for more blockchain innovations. BEGI created its BlackStar Digital Trading Platform (BDTP™), a centralized blockchain platform for digitally trading public companies’ stocks. Joseph approached the USSEC about the platform a few years ago, and the USSEC approved him to develop a demo platform to show how the blockchain concept works. It took him two years to build the demo, and then the USSEC took two more years to review the demo platform. The Company made a complete 1933 Registration Statement (FORM S-1), fully outlining the Company’s business, which was approved in July 2023 by the USSEC. BDTP™ is a centralized blockchain that can fully integrate into a stock broker’s trading platform, meeting or exceeding US SEC and FINRA regulatory requirements and trading compliances. BEGI can operate without human interaction, with the blockchain recording all trade transactions. In the future, the Company would like to have its blockchain platform run on Global X, a fully automated stock trading platform. The Company will recapitalize itself and seeks strategic partners to mainstream its platform.

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